Mitox 28PP Pole Pruner

Mitox 28PP Pole Pruner

£224.17 ex.VAT | £269.00 inc.Vat

Product Description

The Mitox 28PP is a quality long reach pole pruner powered by a 25.4cc, full-crank 2 Stroke engine. With its long reach, and quality 10″ chainsaw head, trees can be pruned safely and without the use for ladders.

The engine benefits from an effective anti-vibration system, and with the weight of just 6.1kg, the 28PP can be used for long periods of time with minimal operator fatigue.

Long Reach
Long Reach means high limbs and branches can be pruned back safely without the use of a ladder.

Anti-Vibration Points
This machine as been fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.

Advanced Features
All Mitox machines have advanced features, normally only found on more expensive machines.

Engine Air Cooled 2-Stroke
Cylinder Displacement 25.4cc
Power 0.75kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.60L
Blade Type Pruning Chainsaw
Blade Length 10in
Overall length 2260mm
Weight 6.7kg
Warranty 3 Year Domestic