Alko GT 18 Li  Cordless Grass Trimmer

Alko GT 18 Li Cordless Grass Trimmer

£140.83 ex.VAT | £169.00 inc.Vat

Product Description

The AL-KO battery grass trimmer – The solution for cable free grass trimming. With a quality 18v lithium-ion battery and premium quality features, the GTLi 18 offers true performance and value. Engineered in Germany, the GTLi 18 features a number of user friendly functions including a fully adjustable handle, adjustable height and pivoting cutting head.

Precise Right to the Edge
The plant protection bar and wheel make it possible to trim really accurately even under bushes or against walls, without worrying about damaging anything.

Flexible in all Directions
The ability to turn the trimmer head through 180° means that even overhanging lawn edges can be cut accurately – for a beautifully cared for lawn right up to the edge (GTE 450/550, GTLi 18V). The telescopic aluminium shaft and the adjustable handle can be used for setting the trimmer quickly and easily in order to ensure it has the optimal length and working position.

Trimming in all Positions
The 3‑way angle adjustment of the trimmer head means that even places that are very hard to reach, such as under benches, can be tackled with ease

Effortless Without Cables
The powerful 18 V Li‑ion rechargeable battery in the handle allows the GTLi 18V to work powerfully even in places where there is no mains socket.

Technical Data:

Battery Type Li-Ion (18v/ 1.3 Ah)
Cutting Width 25cm
Adjustable Handle Yes
Adjustable Height Yes
Pivoting Head Yes
Weight 2.4kg

battery and charger included