A garden is much more than just a lawn, with Ardisam Gardencare products you can maximise your garden’s true potential.

The Products
Ardisam Gardencare products offer strength and reliability as well as outstanding performance. Whether you are looking to introduce a vegetable patch into your garden, bore holes to erect a new fence, or dispose of tree clippings, Ardisam has the product for the job. Ardisam is built to last and despite what you may think, it doesn’t cost the earth.

The Potential
A garden has much more potential than many people realize, and Ardisam believe that this potential should be utilized. Instead of just having a lawn, why not introduce a vegetable patch producing a variety of vegetables making you more self sufficient, or even a new flower bed to give life to your lawn. The Ardisam Badger Front Tine Rototiller can cultivate your lawn efficiently and with ease whatever condition your soil is in.

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